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Yasodhara Yoga
The Radha Yoga Centre will be transitioning into a new name!
In May at the Ashram there were joint meetings of the Boards of the Ashram, Friends of Radha (FRF) and the Association for the Development of Human Potential (ADHP), the American branch of our society. One of the items brought forward at the meetings was naming “Yasodhara Yoga” as our style of yoga.  It is a change that was first proposed several years ago, and we have since encouraged our new teachers to consider themselves Yasodhara teachers and the type of yoga (hatha, kundalini, dreams, dance) as Yasodhara teachings.  You can read more about how the Ashram is describing Yasodhara Yoga  here:  http://yasodhara.org/about-yasodhara/yasodhara-yoga“.
The Friends of Radha Foundation Board, with the support of the membership, is changing the names of our centres to Yasodhara Yoga Centres from Radha Yoga Centres. The intention is to help people make the connection back to Yasodhara Ashram and to affirm to ourselves that the teachings outside the Ashram are an extension of the Ashram. Yasodhara Yoga Centres would emphasize our closeness and tangible connection to the Ashram.
We have changed the names of the centres a few times since 1982. They began as Shambhala Houses, changed to Radha Houses, then changed to Radha Yoga Centres. They have also changed direction, especially in the past few years,  in moving away from physical buildings to clusters of teachers and the centres themselves tend to be downsizing. As well we have many more individual teachers at various locations.
The FRF Board is also adding “and regional networks,” to the constitution so that we include forming coalitions or networks of teachers rather than single centres. Swami Samayananda has begun to work with this model this fall in Central and Eastern Canada.
Another idea that is taking shape is starting new initiatives through “The Institute.” The Institute is essentially an inspiring new model for outreach beyond the Ashram and will function within the legal framework of the FRF. We imagine the activities building over time and including innovative ways to present the teachings to a broader audience and new generations in our changing world. Currently the FRF is considered to have spiritual/educational purposes; we see the Institute as having potential to keep extending out and building especially on the educational aspects.If you have any thoughts or questions about these exciting changes, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Radha Yoga Centre Victoria
Radha Yoga Centres are based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda Radha and are affiliated with Yasodhara Ashram, in Kootenay Bay, BC.